(Growing conditions) Variegated gardenia

A gardener in the local gardening forum very very kindly offered rooted cuttings of his variegated gardenia. He had placed the cuttings in water and the roots had really grown in mass when I got them from him.

This is my first time trying this plant out, so some Googling was in order.

However, typical of the information found on the net, most – if not all – of them are catered towards growing plants in the temperate regions, where there are clear distinctions between seasons.

Being a gardener in tropical (zone 14) Singapore, I’ve had to turn to experiences from other gardeners. One of them told me to give the gardenia as much direct sunlight as possible (as opposed to the information found online, where many said to place it in bright shade or dappled sunlight).

Since there were so many cuttings to play with, I’ve decided to place one pot in direct afternoon sun and another in very bright shade to test out, when the cuttings have finally acclimatized themselves to my area.