(Misc.) Some updates

I realize that I haven’t updated this blog for about a month. I’ve been busy with finishing up my course, and undergoing interviews for another course in another industry I hope to go into. So my plants have been steadily plodding along, doing whatever they do to grow day by day.

The only new thing in my family of plants is a moujean mint (Nashia inaguensis) which a friend painstakingly propagated and gifted to me. We couldn’t meet up for months, and I only managed to retrieve this plant a few days ago. It seems to have stopped its growth in a small pot, so I shall be repotting it soon I hope.

Moujean tea / pineapple verbena / Bahama Berry. It can apparently be trained into a bonsai, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that.

My two pots of seed-grown St. John's Wort. The one on the right of the picture is the older one. It is growing REALLY wild.

Rudbeckia plants on the left; gaillardia on the right. I planted various types of rudbeckia seeds in that pot, so I'm not sure which variety is growing. I can't wait to find out. =)

(Growth in progress) N. ampullaria ‘Borneo Sunset,’ St. John’s Wort, eucodonia adele, S. ‘tinkerbells’

This is going to be a more pictorial post showing the growth in progress of some of my plants, since they really are not doing anything much at the moment. I’m hopeful that they will soon, though.

Right now, it’s really just plantlets forming, or new offshoots, or tiny little stuff like that that the plants do everyday.

Nepenthes ampullaria 'Borneo sunset' - I'm glad that this plant is doing so well. It gets daily watering and afternoon sun

Basal rosettes forming from the N. ampullaria 'Borneo sunset' - that's the reason why I bent the stalk at an angle to the soil; it supposedly encourages basal rosettes to form

Eucodonia adele plantlets growing from leaf cuttings/divisions

St. John's Wort growing REALLY well!

Tiny little sideshoots stuff growing from the base of one of the St. John's Wort stalks

And a very delicately pretty Sinningia 'tinkerbells' flower from the plant I bought in September 2011

(Growing conditions) St. John’s Wort

The seedlings are mocking me because they're growing well and I don't know why!

To be honest, I don’t know what to say about the St. John’s Wort. On one hand, the seedlings are growing well for me now. On the other hand, it took three times of seed sowing before this batch (and one seedling from the first batch of sowing) started growing well.

I wouldn’t know what the exact growing conditions of this plant are, honestly.

The first time I sowed the seeds, they sprouted readily, but grew quite slowly. I gave them afternoon sun with filtered shade. Many of them grew their second pair of true leaves…and then started browning and dying off.

And so, I sowed a second batch of seeds. In the same pot. With the pot in the same place. The same thing happened. Only one seedling from the first batch continued growing.

Extremely frustrated by then, I decided that I was going to make them grow, or…hm…well, not die trying. But something.

The tallest and eldest seedling, from the first batch of seeds sown in June 2011

The seeds sprouted in a day or two, and the seedlings are now growing happily, keeping the lone and eldest seedling company. They’re all growing taller each day. No leaves are browning.

Dammit. WHY?!

Is it the phase of cool weather lately? The high humidity brought on by frequent torrential rains? It can’t really be the sun, since I’d placed it in a position where the pot would receive sunlight all year round. So…what. is. it?

Now that I’ve passed the initial phase where the seedlings are growing well, my newest frustration is trying to understand why they are growing well now, when they weren’t before.

I’ve done my research online, but if anyone can offer any possible suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

(Misc.) When you have nothing else to do…

…post pictures of random stuff.

My garden is in the stagnating stage right now. Well…not really stagnating, but most of the plants are taking their own sweet time growing into anything worth showing.

I replaced my worm bin's plastic cover (with a lot of ventilation holes) with a cloth, and used many paper clamps to clamp the cloth down tightly. Hopefully, this will help ventilate the bin more

Quite a few flower buds of the plains coreopsis flowers. I wish they would bloom already

The bud of one of the first the plains coreopsis flowers has swelled

Portulaca sundial series 'peach' seedlings - my first time growing portulacas from seeds

St. John's Wort seedling - my only surviving seedling from the first batch sown. I've since sown two more batches. This plant is harder to grow than I'd thought

Calendula officinalis and calendula officinalis 'nana' seedlings all sprawling messily

Milk thistle seedlings - strange growth. The new leaves are healthy and green, but the old ones tend to yellow off

(In progress) Nepenthes and St John’s Wort

After about a year since getting it, my N. ampullaria ‘bronze nabire’ has finally sent out additional leaves from the bottom nodes which have been rather bare.

My plants this month seem to be trying to get out of some hibernation or stagnation mode. So many of them are growing so terribly slowly.

N. ampullaria 'bronze nabire' - one of the longer leaves

N. ampullaria 'bronze nabire' - growth on both sides of the stalk

N. gracilis's basal

St. John's Wort seedlings growing very very slowly

(In progress) St. John's Wort, Plains coreopsis

I finally got down to sowing the seeds of two plants which I’ve wanted to grow for some time: the St. John’s Wort, and plains coreopsis.

Both plants’ seeds sprout rather readily and easily. However, the St. John’s Wort seems to grow much more slowly, even though both seeds were sown at the same time.

I hope that I’m able to grow both to flowering stages. It’d be awesome to see the flowers cheering up my garden, be able to use the St. John’s Wort flowers for my drinks, and to have the satisfaction of knowing I’m able to grow both plants well.

St. John's Wort seedlings

St. John's Wort seedlings

Plains coreopsis seedlings

Plains coreopsis seedlings