(Purchases) Three jewel orchids, one variegated vanilla orchid cutting, N. ampullaria (burgundy)

So, I went to the World Orchid Conference today. The weekday ticket is originally $15, but since I managed to grab the Groupon offer, it was $7.50. Thank goodness for that, because I absolutely hated the orchid exhibits. Okay, it’s probably because I think the orchid species as a whole produces very gaudy flowers which I don’t like. So…

I only walked around the exhibits (obligatory walk, since I did pay for the tickets) for barely 10 minutes before I went off to spend almost two hours at the marketplace *coughs coughs*.

About 80% of the stalls there sell orchids (well, this IS the World Orchid Conference). I kind of bypassed many of the stalls, only lingering at those which sold jewel orchids, and also asking around for any stalls which sold vanilla orchids (because the idiot who I am wants to try to grow them meters long to flowering stages, take the trouble to hand-pollinate the flowers to try to grow seed pods, and THEN harvest/dry/cure the seed pods for use. All because I find it fun. Heh)

My original budget was $50. And, I SWEAR! (lol) that even with three jewel orchids which cost me $24 in total, and an extremely long variegated vanilla orchid cutting which cost me $20, I was within my budget.

And then I made the mistake of visiting Terrascapes, a store opened by a gardening acquaintance. The moment I saw the N. ampullaria (burgandy?) he was selling, my budget went poof! So…from having spent only $46, my total expenditure went up to $121. >.< But it’s worth it. 😛

One of the jewel orchids (I love jewel orchids for their awesome foliage, especially the dark-leaved ones, which have bright veins and sheen contrasting against the dark background)

Another jewel orchid

The last jewel orchid

Variegated vanilla orchid cutting

N. ampullaria (burgundy)