Reiki Experiment on Plants #1 – 12 September, 2013

I’m back from hiatus not with an increased passion in plants, but with an intent to experiment. Let me first give a brief update of what I’ve been up to: from March 2013 until now, I’ve been learning an energy healing system called Reiki. I’m now a Karuna Reiki Master, and have started my own Reiki business to offer healing and treatments and classes.

I’ve done Reiki healing on various people, from young adults to people as old as 80-years-old, to animals, and they’ve all exhibited extremely encouraging and positive results with regards to their pains, ailments, and emotional issues.

I stand by the vivacity of my Reiki, and its effectiveness. However, I’ve always loved experimenting with things, and I love pictorial evidence of how things are effected by, well…whatever.

So, this is an experiment (with pictures) on how Reiki affects plants. I’ll list the factors of the experiment below:

Plants used: Two pots of Nepenthes bicalcarata ‘red flush’ and ‘orange’
Owned since: 01 July, 2010
Status of plants: Poor
How the experiment will be conducted:
I shall be moving the two pots of N. bicalcarata to the bench I have, away from all my other plants, so that they are the only two receiving Reiki energy. Every day, for one minute, I shall hold my hands about four inches above the plants and direct general Reiki energy at them. The distance of four inches shall ensure that the energy is directed solely at these two plants, and not at any other. Moving the plants to an empty bench before I Reiki them is also another measure to be careful, so that I can chart as careful a pictorial evidence as I can about the effects of Reiki.

Every week, on Friday, I shall take pictures to chart the progress and growth of the two N. bicalcaratas and update here.

N. bicalcarata ‘Red Flush’ – 01 July, 2010
I first received it bare rooted from Borneo Exotics.

N. bicalcarata ‘Orange’ – 01 July, 2010
I first received it bare rooted from Borneo Exotics.

N. bicalcarata – 12 September, 2013
Since the tag has faded, I can’t be sure which bicalcarata this is.

N. bicalcarata – 12 September, 2013
Since the tag has faded, I can’t be sure which bicalcarata this is.

N. bicalcaratas – 12 September, 2013

A very unflattering picture of the bench where I’ll be placing the N. bicalcaratas to be Reiki-ed.

A few things of note:
1) If you’ve known me for a long time and/or have been following my various gardening blogs for a while, you’ll know that I’m a proficient and competent gardener, and most plants thrive under my care. My various other nepenthes have been doing extremely well and have been constantly pitchering, save for these two bicals. That’s why I chose these two plants to do my experiment on;

2) Because this involves an energy experiment that’s partly to do with my Reiki practice/business, I’d appreciate it if you could pop by The Reiki Garden to see if you’d like to engage in any Reiki treatment or be attuned to Reiki.

(Misc.) Hiatus

I’ll be taking a hiatus for an indefinite period of time, since I find that my interest in gardening has waned greatly.

(Flowering) Brunfelsia americana

I got three cuttings of this Lady of the Night from a fellow gardening friend, and one managed to root. I’m hoping the other two cuttings are still alive, but at least I’ve transplanted this one into a soil and pumice mix for the past week or two.

This particular Lady of the Night (henceforth known as LotN) is reputed to have extremely fragrant flowers, especially at night.

I certainly wasn’t expecting it to gift me with one flower so soon into rooting! But I’m very delighted, and excited to sample its fragrance. My only dilemma is whether to cut the flower off the channel the plant’s energy elsewhere, or leave it on the plant to bloom, since the rooted cutting has already been established for about two weeks.